Greater Hobart,Tasmania


Websites that work by Taswiz

Hi everyone,

I have been creating websites for over 20 years and what I find really enjoyable about them is the process of getting to know the individuals or organizations who ask for my help.  I used to be a cabinet maker by trade but I had a bad back that was just getting worse so I decided to do an Information Technology Diploma course.  I had not given any thought to making a career out of web design at that time.  I began to play with the new programming skills I had learned and that included web coding.  The more I did, the more I kept bumping into the fact that I like the creative design connected to web design work. I ended up creating a website for a friend and then, well there was always another one that needed doing.

About ten years ago I found myself in the doctor’s room with back pain again. I was told that my back was not going to get better and that I needed to be on a pension. I didn’t like the idea but I had no choice. Since then I have spent even more time in front of the screen, learning and doing projects of all sizes. It is more of a hobby because there is not enough money involved to call it a job but I like the fact that I am able to keep busy and in some small way, remain productive.

Anyway, I have done heaps of websites both paid and for charity. I am sure I can help you with your ideas and your new or existing online presence so you should call me and we can talk.