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Getting Started

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Starting the process of owning a website is easier than you think. It is one of the most cost-effective media for maximum exposure and the way you reach that audience is simple. Call us now!


There are different kinds of websites and they depend largely upon what you are going to try to do online. Let’s start with some basic questions…

Website Purpose


1) What is the purpose of your website?

Do you need a blog so you can communicate with the public or do you want to promote a products page or do you simply want a page or two with your basic details for people to find? This will be one of the first things we will ask you and from that most important information, how to best create an effective online presence to help you achieve your goals.

Website Cost


2) How much will it cost?

The costs will depend on what you will need to achieve your goals but most websites can be created to budget. In other words, if you are honest up front and say, “I have a budget of about $$$”, then we can build you a website accordingly. This is not a question of quality, this is a question of what resources we can use to give you the best result for your money.

Production Time


3) How long will it take?

It will depend on the size of the project but to give an idea, the average website is usually online within just one or two weeks!  This is an interesting question because some websites are never ever finished. They grow over time and can be changed at any point if you decide you do not like something or you are just seeking a new look.

Edit Website


4) Can I edit my website Myself?

There are different kinds of websites. Some are not very user-friendly when it comes to editing.  We try to make every website able to be edited by its owner but we are willing to make future or even constant changes if that is required. On completion of payment and client satisfaction, we always provide all of the details that would be required should you choose to give the task of the web designer to another agency.  Also, your website is an asset that is sometimes worth money to others. You would need this information if you ever wanted to sell your website.


Hidden Costs


5) What are the hidden costs?

Websites cost in the following ways. The initial design, artwork, and creation of the website which you will know up front. There are also annual costs that are applicable. These are not a Taswiz charge. Every website must be placed on a computer called a Host. The Hosting service provider charges an annual fee that is based upon the size of your website, its speed, and a few other things. Also, there are annual charges for your domain name(s). All of this sounds frightening but the average business website costs less than $200 a year and some less than $100 a year to own.  This is a very cheap form of advertising and I do all of the setups for you.


Getting started will always come down to…

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