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Industry Knowledge

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Let’s face it, you can make websites for free all by your self. The difference you get in hiring a web designer is Industry Knowledge. We understand why things work or others fail. Yes you can save money for now and try again later, or you can skip to the front and do it right the first time.

Web Hosting

We have had the pleasure of listening to our clients say that not only are they pleased with the look and feel of their new websites, but that they are actually seeing measurable results. It is not an exact science and every industry is different, but the people you are attempting to reach are basically¬† the same. They behave in similar ways when searching the internet. They also react in a simialr way to certain layouts. Some work and others don’t. They react to wording, colours, images and a whole lot of different marketing techniques proven to be effective. So…not saying that we have it down on perfectly, but experience does help and even though we have had some failures, we have learnt what works best and you can benefit from it.

Website Design