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Website Design, Graphics, Content Writing, SEO, Marketing


TasWiz Web Design is a small one-man operation.  As such, I like to try to do my very best on every single project I am given. This is something you will receive from me, not because of how much you have paid, but because I value repeat business.  Every website is designed to achieve your hopes, every design is unique.

Some of the services on offer are…

  • Website Design and Development
  • Content Managed Systems
  • Mobile-First Responsive Design
  • E-commerce and Shopping Cart Solutions
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Marketing (SEM)
  • Google Ranking
  • Social Media and Blog Integration
  • Website Hosting, Domain Name Registration, SSL Security Certificates
  • Training and Support

After a phone call from a new client, we usually but not always arrange to meet in person. We can meet at my location, yours or even somewhere like a coffee shop. It is really about spending some time getting information from you about what you need from me and to give you time to think about what we spoke about on the phone.

I will expect the deposit I will have specified at that appointment or time. Without which I cannot commence work.

Next, by email or other means, I will need some things from you. Any images you would like me to use, or written information you would like the website to contain. As for photography, you get what you pay for is a real thing. I can use your photo’s, can take photo’s myself or you may choose to engage a professional photographer. I do know a few and they are worth every penny for those really special images. Some people prefer to just give me a small USB stick containing all the things they can provide.

After this, you will need to give your website a domain name. Finding a domain name is one of the most important things about the website. You can own more than one domain name for your website. Once picked, I will attempt to purchase the domain name you have chosen however sometimes someone else has bought it before you. The shorter the domain name the easier it is to type into a search engine, and also the more likely that it has already been sold. Also if you are selling a product it is often smarter to choose a domain name with the product included, such as yourbusinessnameproductname.com

I will purchase a hosting package for the website and about 24hrs later commence to build the website. When I have done enough I will let you take a look at the progress because your feedback is essential. Multiple changes are nearly always going to happen at this stage. At some point, we will both feel the website has begun to be close enough to go online to the public and I will ask for complete payment. That does not mean I will do no more work on the website. For a short while, I probably will not charge for small changes to the site. Sometimes something silly like a spelling mistake is found by one of your friends or a website visitor. 10 minutes later it is usually corrected.

Building a website is a process. The more you get involved in the process and can provide, the better the result and the happier you will be and I welcome that kind of interaction.